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Amsterdam has a certain reputation among a particular group of young people around the world. Amsterdam is, of course, the weed capital of Europe, and it shines as a great beacon of acceptance for the consumption of soft drugs around the globe. But despite what you may have heard, things are not always what they seem when it comes to weed in Amsterdam.Buy Marijuana In New Zealand

For example, did you know that growing weed is actually illegal? So where does the weed in the coffee shops come from? Good question!

#1 Smoking Weed in Amsterdam: The Law

What is the law on cannabis?

Let’s start with what the law actually is on smoking cannabis. Weed in the Netherlands is actually decriminalized (‘toleration policy’). This basically means that it’s tolerated.Buy Legal Weed Online

This doesn’t go for growing though.Well, that’s a no go. This is what makes the whole thing completely confusing, as the weed in the coffee shops has to come from somewhere. It’s just a complete grey area.

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#Can I smoke weed legally in Amsterdam?

Well, technically, Other than that, you’re good to go.

2 Smoking Weed in Amsterdam is Only/Mostly for Tourists

Walk into any coffee shop – no, not a café where you get good coffee and cold drinks, a coffee shop where you get stinky weed and bad coffee – and you will instantly notice something: the people behind the counter are all Dutch, and nearly every customer is a tourist. This is because locals just don’t partake in the activity. Come on, if you lived in Efteling, would you eat the cotton candy every day? (Don’t answer that!) Buy weed online Germany

#3 There is no regulating body to verify strain, potency, or anything else

This is not the case with weed in Amsterdam. This means that if you’re a newbie, going to a disreputable coffeeshop may mean you could be getting random weed. If you’re a connoisseur and can really tell the difference between Indica, Sativa, AK-47, and Alice In Wonderland, good for you!

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