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Why do some states/territories in US ONLY allow online sales of cannabis?

buy weed online Houston.

In October 2018, US legalized the purchase of marijuana for recreational use. Since October 2018. some  states, such as houston , have allowed the purchase of the drug only from online stores because the private sector retailers will not open until April 2019. From online stores, one can purchase flowers for smoking and oils for ingestion. Though the state government of houston. initially wanted to begin with physical stores, the plan was scrapped to focus on creating a private retail system of selling marijuana that works.

All provinces of US, online sales are available whether via private retailers or government owned websites. E-commerce giant Shopify controls the sales of cannabis in 4 areas. Soon, as the government’s rules and regulations become clear, most Canadian states will have brick-and-mortar stores for purchasing marijuana.


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Advantages of buying cannabis online

Here are some reasons why people prefer online purchases:

  • Encourages private buying
    A majority of the cannabis users don’t want their counterparts to know about their marijuana use. Even today, some people look down on those who consume cannabis. maintaining the age-old social stigma. buy weed online Houston. will ultimately help the user avoid any judgmental aspects of society.
  • Convenient to buy
    Further more In the fast-paced world where customers are busy in their day-to-day. chores, going out to shop for cannabis can be difficult. especially for the working class. For those who don’t have the time and energy to shop from a brick-and-mortar store, buying online is the best available option.


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